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Belle Clinic brings you the next generation of laser teeth whitening process. Our revolutionary ZOOM laser tooth whitening technique uses totally safe, clinically approved, patented whitening gels and a cool blue LED light to gently whiten your teeth to get them sparkling white once again. We are one of the best teeth whiteners London, for your reference please visit our gallery. Whether you want to whiten your teeth for a special wedding or event, or simply to give yourself confidence in a work or social environment Belle Clinic can help.

How does it work?

During a 20-minute preparation period, the gums and lips are covered, leaving the teeth exposed. The Philips Zoom™ whitening gel containing a mild form of hydrogen peroxide is then applied to the teeth. Once applied, heat is introduced in the form of a UV lamp which helps the gel to penetrate the surface of the teeth, lifting any stains. The gel is normally applied and reapplied 2 or 3 times during a 45 to 60-minuts session so that the dentist can monitor the colour changes closely. Once the results have been achieved, then in just one dental visit, the patient will leave with a whiter, brighter smile. In essence, Philips Zoom™ power laser whitening is a quick-fix teeth whitening treatment that can be achieved in as little as a lunch hour. Read more

Special Offer

Silver Package (2 Times - 15 mins each)  £129

Gold Package (3 Times - 15 mins each)    £149

Gold Plus Package (3 Times - 20 mins each)   £189

Before & After Photos

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