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RF Micro-needle

Looking for a non-surgical anti-aging solution? Our Radio Frequency Microneedle treatment has got you covered! With the precise amounts of RF energy delivered through thousands of coagulation zones in the dermis, this treatment boosts collagen production and tightens up loose skin in no time. Experience minimal downtime with the microneedle technology that works on all skin types at our Beauty Laser Clinic.

The Procedure:

With INFINI, we can control your whole skin rejuvenation procedure. We can control the treatment depth and energy levels to enable a multi-layered approach for customized treatments, regardless of the skin type or tan.

We use a handheld device with 34-gauge microneedles that when pressed against the skin, radiofrequency energy is sent to the multiple layers below the surface. The body’s natural collagen and healing process are stimulated by the combination of microneedling and RF energy. Read more

Before & After Photos

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